Things to see & do

Our local petrol fill up on the R103 has a general store called The Everything Shop, which has everything from milk to charcoal, bait, ice, bread, fruit and wonderful enamel kitchenware.

Visit the monument at the Mandela capture site, to view the remarkable sculpture which from a distance, 50 steel poles of varying heights simply look like a random collection of poles, but as you approach to within 35m of the sculpture, they merge to form an image of Mandela’s face. The apartheid museum is also there. Well worth a visit.

Visit The Old Mushroom Farm in the Karkloof, where the buildings have been converted and repurposed into work space for artisans and small local businesses. Home to Rock Paper Scissors shop, Homeslice Cafe, Big Slice Bakery, Pizza, coffee, secondhand furniture and more. A beautiful and inspiring place to get early morning coffee and breakfast.

The Karkloof Farmers Market is open from 07h00 to 11h00 every Saturday, on the Karkloof road. Great for fresh locally made and grown food.

Midmar Dam resort (just 6kms to the gate or 2 kms as the crow flys) is great for picnics, sailing, swimming and gentle bike rides. For boat hire phone 072 430 4586

Fishing at Midmar Dam, or for the more serious fisherman - St Ives 033234 4490

Horse Riding with Karkloof Horse Adventures. Enjoy the beautiful Midlands countryside on horseback. Phone Katina 083 4802051

Mountain biking - ride the best single track in SA from the Karkloof Country Club . You are in mountain biking paradise.

The Karkloof Canopy Tours takes you on a thrilling zipline adventure through the second largest indigenous forest in South Africa. Phone 033 3303415

Birders will enjoy the beautiful birds seen right here on the farm or you can drive to the Crane sanctuary at the Karkloof Conservation Centre which offers a haven for 3 species of cranes. Walk to the hides where you can sit in silence and commune with nature. A must for bird lovers. Phone 076 147 6686

La Petite France (Karkloof) and Swissland Cheese (Balgowan) make the best handmade Brie, Camembert, Blue, Tilsiter and Feta cheese. The cheese is made from their own grass fed cows(La Petite France) and goats (Swissland Cheese).  Buy directly from their farm shops.  

We highly recommend a walk in Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve 033 3303931.  It is a hidden gem.

Karkloof has a number of waterfalls, 2 of them being Karkloof Falls and Grey Mare’s Tail, which are Karkloof’s best kept secret. They are the most beautiful settings for picnics at the river and walks through the cool indigenous forests. These are both breathtakingly beautiful.

Howick Falls, seen from Howick is also spectacular.

Treat yourself at Brookdale health hydro or Fordoun Spa

Boschhoek golf club in Nottingham Road and Sakabula Golf course nearer to us.

Paintball at Yellowood Cafe 0333302461

Wine tasting at Abingdon Wine Estate 0834638503

Groundcover in the Curry’s Post for beautifully crafted leather shoes and bags.

Beer tasting and locally crafted Beer at Lions River Craft Brewery and Nottingham Road Brewing Company.

Piggly Wiggly is close by and offer a lot for children including Mini Steam Train for rides on weekends and holidays.

Our favorite restuarants:   The Treatery (Howick), La Lampara (Balgowen), Caversham Mill (Caversham)

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